Friday, May 9, 2008

shane is a fool

so, i said i would post more, so what do yoiu get? nothing, micheal kline makes me feel like a fool with all his posts, dont get me wrong, we are fast friends, i just suck at this, so i am at least posting agian. i am also testing the image, it may work on my laptop, so crossing fingers here. today was great, i was parent helper at evans school, we went on a field trip to a local playground, and i had a blast. love being at the school, spms rocks!. then we went to pick up a keg i had ordered for lisa's graduation and they dropeed the ball, so i called the heavy hitter, mike mcfarling, he is hooking us up. then off to lisa's pinning, what a wonderful event, i cried most of the time, tears of joy! tommorow is graduation for her, then a huge party here at the house. see those who know there. off for now, got beer to drink baby. oh saw a man on the news who had his coffin made to look like a can of pabst blue ribbon! awesome

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Michael Kline said...

Welcome BACK! and thanks for the great party. I'm proud of Lisa and you. It hasn't been easy , and you guys seem really happy to take on the next chapter. Way to GO. I look forward to reading.