Wednesday, January 2, 2008

happy new year old man winter

so once again a year has slid by me! wow 2008! so we started the new year off with an overnight low last night of 9 degrees, i know some had it worse but that is still bad.i finished the year off with a firing in the anagama, was pretty bad for me and a couple others, but most faired pretty well. this year is shaping up to be a kiln building year, got one in feburary in floriday and working to secure two more for the spring. Also starting to add on to the kiln shed pour a pad for my new salt kiln and start the rebuild on the anagama, in previous posts i have mentioned i dont like the size i am working with, so i am going to make the anagama one third smaller. I will likely use the salt kiln as my main workhorse and fire the smaller anagama once a year maybe twice once i get things worked out. anyway off to bath the boy, i will try to update more often this year and figure why i cant post images, the video link works so i will try that soon.\ shane