Saturday, February 21, 2009

late night with the captin

yhea, so this is me at midnight, loookin goooood mickey, looking good. Ladies?? a nice handle detail, love little handles...smoooooch. something about friday night after long day at the office (a little drama today!) gettin the boy to sleep and just diving into it,,,, PABST THAT IS. put some bottoms on some gnome jars tonight, slipped handles, loaded bisque, slipped mugs and teabowls. and got thru it all with some help from mothers little helper. now closin in on 1am and i am sleepy, got to shout out to maggie and freeman jones down the mt. whats up! bring them snake jugs and pine slabs OOonn man! Evan and I will have to find some trouble to get into tommorow so watch out for us. to all the peeps in the hoood..MITCHEL COUNTY REPRESENTIN BIOOOTCHS. scorpions rock! rock you like a hurricane. bobo out

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

school BIZ

hey all, i said i wanted to post some pics of school so i quickly shot these. here we have lauren, adam, jen(obscured) loading the gas kiln, a shot of the throwing room, and then the glaze/handbuilding room with glen,phyllis,roxy and molly busily glazing to get theirs in the kiln, good luck. anyway no updates for me, just working, making pots at night, trying to keep the head above water. see ya folks.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

moving along

so its about time for my monthly update, sad i know but hey, i try. not really ha ha so the last time i posted i had decided on firing again, i have been chuggin along trying to squezze in studio time around school, lisa's schedule, and of course evan! its been tough at times and i have gotten a little down about my whole situation right now, but i am determined to keep my head up. I had also started to get healthy lately, mostly not snackin as much and not eating junk food, and those who know, know i love my little debbies, peanut M&M, etc. I also started walking and that has turned into jogging/walking. after about three weeks of this i am up to three- four times a week in which i walk about 3/4 mile and jog the about 1 1/4 -1.5 miles. I already notice a big difference in my energy levels! so i am determined to keep this up, also the solitude i get for that hour is just priceless. Ok onto the images i posted, they are from the last couple days. i posted some pitchers freshly thrown and then the after pics, also the single shot pitcher was my favorite of that batch. a detail of a highball cup's texture, i have started playing with variety of stampings on one cup, not ground breaking but i like getting mired down in details. This mornign evan joined me in the studio for a bit of company, but he quickly retreated to the house to continue working on his inventions, constructions etc. Well coming up for me is more school (which is gettin more an more enjoyable! and thats dangerous), firing the first weekend of march, OH April 5th -18th i will be workshopin at Penland school. I am teachign a two week soda kiln building and pottery making class, so that will be awesome! two weeks at camp penland baby! anyway i will try to update with some stuff at school soon as i have never put anything up on here about school so that is overdue. i also have an idea to start documenting my drive and what i do to pass the 1.5 hour journey three times a week, wow! thats nine hours aweek in my truck! time ya just cant get back. maybe one day i will have my dream efficiency apartment over a little neighborhood pub in downtown morganton so that sometimes i can just stay down there. time will tell. so to all the potters out there worried about hocking your wares this year in this bad recession, lets keep our heads up, and noses to the wheel, and if its gets real ugly we can all meet up and use our power of numbers to get thru this! good luck all and be sure to misbehave often love ya captain conepac