Monday, September 6, 2010

more fun around the town

well, Three weekends of work down in asheboro resulted ina finished and loaded kiln. One of the pics below (I seem to longer care about the order they appear ;P ) is of Donna inside the kiln with spectators watching on. Man she has two giant pots in there. They had to be every bit of 3.5 feet tall! It was a pleasure to help and watch the last bit of loading after i hung the stoke door. I was glad to see a local (but non local aussie) had mudded the kiln for me and did an amazing job, thanks keith! WEll I had fallen behind on some things around the studio, so last saturday, i got up, worked on pots, finished the stoke door, and then headed out for asheboro around 3 pm, got to donna's around 6 or so and after the door was up and pyrometer holes drilled, donna, susan and I had a few beers and some good conversation! I rolled for home about 11:30 pm!!! I know crazy! I then spent all day sunday prepping for a firing at western piedmonts salt kiln. The other pic of a loaded kiln is how i spent my labor day, enjoyed loading this kiln all by myself, headphones on and all! Tomorrow i will head down, fire the kiln and catch up on some grading and lecture writing. STick around mudpuppies, i will post pics of my new pots. shane