Sunday, August 30, 2009

back in the saddle

just a quickie, I cleaned the studio up a bit, more a put a bunch of stuff away kinda deal, but i am back at the potting and it feels so good to be in the studio again. It has been way too long! Western Piedmont community college is back in session and i can already feel the switch to a more fall mentality for old D-Shane. WEll the picture is of the first pots off my treadle wheel, just some simple teabowls. I big shout out to June Perry for sending this wheel my way. She stated that this wheel was made by mackenzie's brother! I may have to channel some minnesota spirits :). well back at it, or maybe i will watch the end of the carolina preseason game? hmmmmmm. ahh doesn't matter, you'll never really know. I'm out, later

Sunday, August 2, 2009

part duece

so here we are, back at the scene of the crime! anyway i put this picture of willis brown, aka, will baker stylin my columbia straw, looking good buddy. we see the kiln with the fiber on and stucco mesh in place. A view from the back on the door side. the ever so excited client mike campbell trying to fire it up before we are finished! YOU GO MIKE! then the usual bag-wall shot. So, just look at that weird thing? what the hell is the captain doing? lets just chalk it up to finishing Cynthia's kiln on a wednesday, then leaving a couple days later to head to VA to start this kiln, so yea, way off my rocker! but i think it is fine, just crazy. Will suggested counseling i think. WEll, we did bust out a kiln and we both managed to slip in a little R&R for two days. nice job boys! So all in all pretty successful. now its time to rest, official hour count for day 5:15 am to now! omg yep nearing up for 24 hours, oooops what happen, guess i shouldn't a' started looking at the pictures off my camera! but got some nice pics of my girls printed off for the fridge. well, not really off to bed, gonna finish this dead concert and then sleepy sleep, gonna sleep in for ever!!!!!!!!!!! better holla if ya want to get me! RED beard of ocracoke out watch out

Saturday, August 1, 2009

update of the last week, OMG!

ok! so i am back in the land of 3-G networks, when we left off i was in culpeper virginia building mike campbell's cat wood kiln. so here we have some more progress in part one of this story. so we see the arch all alone with now wall support and then a shot of the wall going up. hey if they are out of order too bad, i aint got time to rearrange them, forget it, he he. We also see my trusty, crusty, dusty main man will baker demonstrating the fashionable nitrile dipped gloves i got at home depot (they turned out to suck big time fell apart!) the other shot is of an old ceramics store turned latino church. i love this sign, i passed it several times on my excursions into town. I went to wally world a couple times to get supplies, also to a great metal shop, they guy had some wild stuff in the yard!!! i loved the multiple 57 chevies laying amongst the large machines ranging from the early 20's to modern AC units for large buildings! great stuff. anyway, i will now move to part duex D shane