Saturday, December 20, 2008

what is he thinking!!!!!

yhea, those in the know, know what i am saying, you see the wood a stackin, clay will soon be slappin. Corncakes and I are gonna light it up again. but hey whats a guy to do? spring will be here eventually and i gotta have pots ready as now i dont have too much to show, so back to work. School was finished on monday, so i have been cutting stackin wood for the house hoping to get ahead of the fire now that its been warm, wet, but warm. a christmasy shot of my nieces ,nephews, mom and mack's presents preshippment. SANTA IS COMING KIDDIES! I love the holidays, more than most people realize and christmas music, OHHH SHIITT, LOVE IT! Evan is enjoying his time home since school has let out, He is showing signs of creativity so we are in for trouble. And lets not forget my girl jessie or as her nick name of late, "old bird dog".2009 is just around the corner and i think its going to be an interesting year for me. I think me and Ronnie will fire up teh kiln round mid to late feb. I think i am going to get a gas tank for the preheat this time, fuck it i aint getting any younger. itching to make some pots for sure. then in April I got the penland soda kiln class, maybe even squezze in the NC potters conference. well gotta get on to whatever i am not doing, 0h and one more thing to my local peeps, i say bring on the snow bioootchss bobo out>

Monday, December 8, 2008

tour weekend update

well us folks that have a part time gig and were not officially on the tour scouted out the action to see what went down. seems most reported normal traffic but sales seemed to be down for most, that was well expected i believe. Me? well i did hang a shingle out at the bottom of the driveway, and did manage to catch a few cars over the weekend but only sold a few real pots and unloaded some pots from the seconds table, wish i could have gotten rid of it all, so if your in need of some old anagama pots or even a set of flawed bowls, look me up. I told the family unit i needed to be in the studio sunday for sales but actually only wanted to watch the sunday football games, they knew what i was up to. Evan had a sale! and was an amazing salesman, maybe to forward, but driven! the last few pics are of work out of the last firing and i just thought i'd be nice to put them up, nothing fancy though. hope all are well and behaving themselves. I for one plan to misbehave!! bobo out

Friday, December 5, 2008

at school

no updates, just want to keep this active, sad i know, what have i been doing, alot of nothing probably, mostly runnin around. finished my wholesale orders back in early november, had one snobby gallery who i will refrain from outing here, said my work was not of a high enough quality, i think they were high on something! ha. one thing i have been doing is splittin wood, not for the kiln but the house, never ending as i was behind. mostly school and more precisly my art appreciation lecture class has eating up alot and i mean ALOT of my time. but next semester the lectures will be reaady since i saved them all as power point. the book is a brand new edition so hopefully i wont need to rewrite anythign for some time, just tweek it some. i love western piedmont communtiy college, we have alot of fun and get shit done. my boss courtney long is awesome and we work amazingly well together. i would like to post a picture of the whole clan before too long, we will see. Future? where next, what? well hopefully i can pull off a firing before the rosen show and go do it, money willing! then i will hopefully be busy making pots. April 5-18 i am teachintg a two week soda firing class at penland school where we will build and fire twice at least a cross draft kiln much like the one pictured here. so if your up for it come join me. well its a glaze factory in the classroom, everyone is going nuts, next week is the last full week so we got at least two cone ten firings and probably a few cone six also, fun fun. adding one more photo, rauschenberg baby!!!! Although this art apprec class was alot of work, i did enjoy rereading the textbook, its been along time. hope everyone out there is good, happy, and prosperous, hold tight folks, hold tight. daddy loves ya shane