Friday, December 5, 2008

at school

no updates, just want to keep this active, sad i know, what have i been doing, alot of nothing probably, mostly runnin around. finished my wholesale orders back in early november, had one snobby gallery who i will refrain from outing here, said my work was not of a high enough quality, i think they were high on something! ha. one thing i have been doing is splittin wood, not for the kiln but the house, never ending as i was behind. mostly school and more precisly my art appreciation lecture class has eating up alot and i mean ALOT of my time. but next semester the lectures will be reaady since i saved them all as power point. the book is a brand new edition so hopefully i wont need to rewrite anythign for some time, just tweek it some. i love western piedmont communtiy college, we have alot of fun and get shit done. my boss courtney long is awesome and we work amazingly well together. i would like to post a picture of the whole clan before too long, we will see. Future? where next, what? well hopefully i can pull off a firing before the rosen show and go do it, money willing! then i will hopefully be busy making pots. April 5-18 i am teachintg a two week soda firing class at penland school where we will build and fire twice at least a cross draft kiln much like the one pictured here. so if your up for it come join me. well its a glaze factory in the classroom, everyone is going nuts, next week is the last full week so we got at least two cone ten firings and probably a few cone six also, fun fun. adding one more photo, rauschenberg baby!!!! Although this art apprec class was alot of work, i did enjoy rereading the textbook, its been along time. hope everyone out there is good, happy, and prosperous, hold tight folks, hold tight. daddy loves ya shane

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