Saturday, December 20, 2008

what is he thinking!!!!!

yhea, those in the know, know what i am saying, you see the wood a stackin, clay will soon be slappin. Corncakes and I are gonna light it up again. but hey whats a guy to do? spring will be here eventually and i gotta have pots ready as now i dont have too much to show, so back to work. School was finished on monday, so i have been cutting stackin wood for the house hoping to get ahead of the fire now that its been warm, wet, but warm. a christmasy shot of my nieces ,nephews, mom and mack's presents preshippment. SANTA IS COMING KIDDIES! I love the holidays, more than most people realize and christmas music, OHHH SHIITT, LOVE IT! Evan is enjoying his time home since school has let out, He is showing signs of creativity so we are in for trouble. And lets not forget my girl jessie or as her nick name of late, "old bird dog".2009 is just around the corner and i think its going to be an interesting year for me. I think me and Ronnie will fire up teh kiln round mid to late feb. I think i am going to get a gas tank for the preheat this time, fuck it i aint getting any younger. itching to make some pots for sure. then in April I got the penland soda kiln class, maybe even squezze in the NC potters conference. well gotta get on to whatever i am not doing, 0h and one more thing to my local peeps, i say bring on the snow bioootchss bobo out>


potrron said...

Good to see you are back documenting events from up in the holler and other localities (? word).

Vadim said...

I just purchased the "dwarf" pot on the left! Great work, its rare that I actually buy pots, but this one was worth it!