Sunday, March 15, 2009

cashin in? doubt it!

so its overdue for some news from me. i pushed through to the firing, for once i was 90% on time, just glazed a little on the day of loading. loading went fine i think maybe 9 hours to load. the firing as far as stoking,climbing etc went awesome. I pieced together a tank (thanks tomczak) and a burner to eliminate some unneeded ash and also the headach of the overnight candle. This rig allowed me and the crew to rest and start up bright and early. pat houston started the firing off at 7am, by 10pm we had finished off the front and started on the back section. by midnight we had finished the back. By far the best temperature we have seen in awhile, 11 down front, 10 bent in middle and 11 down in back. but, at the risk of world wide web embaresment, the cold bubble we are experiencing from the redesign is still with us, so there was some loss by participants. add to that my turqouise glaze went haywire and youget yourself one bad firing. Time to think, regroup and decide what to do. A gas kiln would make life easier but even with my current resources would still be costly. gotta think on it, but as of now a quick heatup in a loca gas kiln and then maybe some alterations to the kiln and try again, i gots tons of wood, so why not? we will see! ok now onto my images, does everyone have to upload, then go back in and arrange the html and put text where you want it? because thats what i have attempted the last post and this one and man its time consuming!!!! this little vase was near the end of my cycle, made about 12 of these, i really like where they are going, unfortunately not many came out as they were mostly glazed with my fucked up turqouise glaze! this is a shot of the loading of ron(corncakes) slagle's scultptures. they came out awesome! dont forget that commision check ronnie LOL Evan hidding behind his UB funkey, the pineapple king, dont ask! A group of small vases with my new amber, i subed out the alberta for barnard, what i got was a cross between amber and lucas, i loved it on vases but bowls etc, emmmm, NO, looks uninviting and with all that barnard probably is! The pitcher to the left was out of the very back, we got some great stuff out of the tail end this time, very uplifting after unloading the cold bubble spot! the vase on the right was from i dont know where, but i like the way the new amber breaks on the texture! sweeeet. well bringle sister blowout today, evan and i will attend that function. and onto school work and house chores. Ya know whats weird is that i have been approached lately by two graduating potters from furman and earlham for apprenticeships! crazy! Bad year for it as business will likely be slow, but when i am in full production i could use an extra set of hands. Hope one of them works out. ok gotta go. later shane