Saturday, February 21, 2009

late night with the captin

yhea, so this is me at midnight, loookin goooood mickey, looking good. Ladies?? a nice handle detail, love little handles...smoooooch. something about friday night after long day at the office (a little drama today!) gettin the boy to sleep and just diving into it,,,, PABST THAT IS. put some bottoms on some gnome jars tonight, slipped handles, loaded bisque, slipped mugs and teabowls. and got thru it all with some help from mothers little helper. now closin in on 1am and i am sleepy, got to shout out to maggie and freeman jones down the mt. whats up! bring them snake jugs and pine slabs OOonn man! Evan and I will have to find some trouble to get into tommorow so watch out for us. to all the peeps in the hoood..MITCHEL COUNTY REPRESENTIN BIOOOTCHS. scorpions rock! rock you like a hurricane. bobo out

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