Saturday, May 24, 2008

back home

so, i went yesterday morning to meet with a client for my august kiln. went well, stop ate some chinese, way to much chinese! then on to charlotte to pick up some clay. luckily the folks at carolina clay stayed open for an extra half hour. got the clay and headed home, well to loafers glory campground to do a night of camping with lisa and evan. i like this campground, the river down in loafers glory is just amazing, some of the most beautiful i have seen in this area, go check it out. spent most of today rigging up a photo setup in my studio,and now am relaxing until the opening at crimson laurel gallery for potters of the roan tonight at six pm. be there or be square. later


Sarah-potterknitter said...

What clay are you using? I'm on the search for something new.

Anonymous said...

sarah, in the images of the demo i am throwing laguna bmix. it has been my clay of choice for a long time. a couple years ago i started biting the bullet and driving to charlotte to get my clay, hell any reason to go to charlotte is a good one. if your looking for white stoneware you can also try wonder white from high water, it throws wonderfully.