Saturday, May 31, 2008


well, friday was one of those odd days, alot went on,but really seemed like a not alot at the same time. started teh day off trying to work out my fall schedule at western piedmont comm college, turns out that the way me and the coordinator were running the numbers was way wrong, so instead of going down five days a week and trying to make big $ i will insead go down three days a week and make less $. this is fine with me as i need those other days to make pots, and work around the house. after that am tussle, i made two large pizza's for the montessori schools beach potluck, we all went to a local lake the kids played, while all the adults breathed deep for the up coming summer! i then went to get the arts councils auction stage that had been left at the building where it was last used, ended up talking for over an hour with tracs gallery manager, kathryn is wonderful! then micheal rutkowski came in and we had a lengthy talk as well, i really like micheals pots and he truly makes alot of pots,i admire that! so off i went to collect some pay for demo and then home to cut grass, i love cutting grass, get my headphones on and go go go. i did manage to throw a couple more of the 14 platters last night and this morning after towing a friends car home for him i got back into make a couple more, i thin i am at 8 or 10 now so only four more to go! i tell you what, i normally dont make these large serving bowls or platters in such large strings, but boy you really learn alot when you sit and throw the same pot and its even more true for larger pieces. i remeber when it was considered bad as a studio potter to work in large numbers of one form, oh your a "production" potter, hell yes! more folks who dont work that way should. anyway, while i have been throwing i have been struggling with the news that evans school will have an open position for a teachers asst. i know the pay is probably low and it would kill pottery making, but man i would love to be in that school full time! such a wonderful enviornment for kids to learn. its so differnt from public schools in its basic structure, there are no long rows of desks facing forward, the kids move around so freely and help each other. its just great. anyway, gootta get back to the clay, came in for water and here i sit typing. gonna throw in some mugs, small pitchers, and a pie dish as extras in this commision firing. till later. s

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