Saturday, May 17, 2008

arts centered demo

today, a group from our local clay center in bakersville came out for a demo. I knew most of the usual suspects so it was more like alot of old friends coming out to see what i have been up to. we all had a great time. i need to snap some shots of the deck as its almost finished! well stage one, we want to add planters, benches, and whatever else lisa can dream up for my honey do list. Lisa and evan had went down the road to visit our local grist mill, jack dillinger runs the old family mill on saturdays grinding corn for locals. they went across the creek and encountered a small family of turkeys. Evan decided he was going to catch one and bring it home, a noble plan until momma turkey caught onto it. surfice to say they both ended up in the creek as momma turkey came after them! missed out on that one. well gonna lay down for a while then get back at the deck. besides spongebob is on. later

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