Thursday, May 29, 2008

short week, but tired

so i finished my first week at western piedmont, feel like i got to know the students inthe class, plus the two additional auditors, so its nice, we have had stimulating conversations, and they are making good pots. so far. i am worried about overcommiting and losing steam on the pottery fronts, but we shall see. i am very tired today, between teaching, then evan/dinner while lisa has been away, then pots at night, and late night shane screwing daytime shane (lisaism!) then repeat, i think i might only work till nine or ten tonight, plus that icy cold sixer of the blue ribon variety and my little friend will likely make it a short night. so bobo's of the world, watch out, as master bobo, king bobo, captian bobo are gonna get out of control tonight. (yes i realize its only six beers, but i am getting old!) so bring the kids in, tie up the pets,. here we gooooooo.... bobo out

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potrron said...

BoBo, Oh, your such a hunk, going in and out of that big kiln like that. Oh, you have such big pots, too.
This is good stuff, keep your chin up, so you can keep your nose out of the mud.