Wednesday, May 28, 2008

back in the grind

again, this post title has two sides, first back in academia! taught my first class at western piedmont community college yesterday, it was fun, small class which i enjoy. the students seem great. i also saw my fall schedule and it was more than i bargined for but think i will keep it, and try the multi day commute! the other side of the title is sad in most peoples eyes, but those who know me are aware that i hide nothing when it comes to my tv addiction. one of my must sees is deadlyist catch! i have folks say, "oh, thats that reality show on discovery" i dont agree its more like a documentry, as its these folks job and its real, where as most reality tv isnt real at all. anyway the king crab season ended on the series last night, and what i have been waiting for is coming up soon the "oppi season" or ophelia crab, its really wild as i guess winter really closes in on this season, or maybe they fish further north, but it is just amazing to watch those boats go thru those heavy heavy seas. well enough ramblin about tv, got many things to do before class today, ship a big pot to the mint musuem, some prep for class, and throw a couple platters for the camp spring creek order, i will post a picture of all the serving bowls i threw the other day, the platters are taking a little longer and are more weight so i am working slowly at it. well have a great day world, see ya on the highway! shane

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