Monday, May 26, 2008

trying to shoot images once again

so i have added some pictures i took with my new setup. i havent shot my own work since the days of film. its been at least seven years i bet. at one time i was really good with a manual 35mm camera and slide film. i am learning the technical ropes of my camera. the only glitch to work out is the compression, seems to be too much. i have started work on a commision for camp spring creek just up the road,20 serving bowls and 10 platters. we traded for one on one tutoring for evan, he has really learned alot in the past six months, alot is due to suzie his tutor, she is great. well gotta go trim th 24 big bowls i threw yesterday. later


Kyle Carpenter said...

i like the image with the pitcher the best. nice glaze work, dude.

Anonymous said...

thanks kyle,appreciate the feedback

Michael Kline said...

The pots look good. I do notice some distortion from the wide angle of the camera. With these point and shoot cameras come a wide to zoom lense. I have found that to reduce the effects of a wide angle, especially on tall pieces like yours, I need to set up my tripod as far away as I can. Then I zoom in to frame the pot. Try it out, you may see what I mean.

[I'll know better than to race you to school again, you DOG!]