Wednesday, July 2, 2008

goins on

well another week gone by in this potters life! managed to work on some pots as you can see. the teapots are the first ones to get my new surface treatments and in the group shot of various pots there is a pitcher that has been cheese cut or faceted with a cheese cutter. the other pics are of our river camping trip i only put up the pictures of jessie and nevi maybe i will add one of evan later, i suddenly feel odd putting him up on the internet? guess there is no harm but its weird. i was scheduled to start on the kiln today but our ex neighbors (across the creek) son has abandonded his pack of dogs and the shelter director had to collect the six crazy dogs. its a real shame when people do this,. i called the polica and lodged a formal complaint and am thinking of pressing charges for animal cruelty. in this county nothing is ever done about this so its probably a waste of time. now that the dogs are taken care of maybe we will just let it go. i also needed to take some pictures of gays redneck beaver damn, not that she is a redneck, but the damn is definitly country in its style. the biggest part of that is all the trash it collects, you really see how bad people still are about their trash!! well evan is itching to work in the studio, he as been making caterpillar houses and even a walle sculpture, which by the way we all went to see yesterday in asheville, if your not in the know of kids movies, WALL-E is thenew pixar movie. its about the robot that cleans up the mess left on the abandonded earth and when a newer bot comes down from the distant earth ship he falls in love,etc etc. wont give it all away, but its a great movie with a green message! i give it two thumbs up and evan said he gives it sixty hundred thousand thumbs up! WOW! thats alot of thumbs people. time to go work in clay. shane

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