Thursday, July 3, 2008

potsarrazi spotted!

well well well, here we have caught in the action, our residnet blogomaniac! yes folks that is the ever present michael kline! i spotted him snappin images for his blog (come on it will be there tommorow for sure!) so the potsarazzi has been razzied!??? oh my my. i followed our specimen around and shot a few other pics, but this one of him playin dad was great! really in action here. we were all up at the penland fourth celebration/ ice cream social. god bless penland for there community support and good times. evan ran around like a maniac as did all our kids, our little town is so nice and the space infront of the pines works so well for family gatherings that we just let the kids be kids. Mark peters and i hung for some time and watched the madness and discussed the finer points of pots, people,life and the difference between busch and pabst! sorry mark pabst is the blue ribbon beer! just kiddin. we did get a kick out of the fireworks and i had been waiting to try the fireworks setting on my camera, worked good till it actually got dark and the shutter speed slowed, or maybe to many pabst and bush? got home in time to square some teabowls and add some surface to them. well really really late, kiln waiting on me in the morning, later s

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Michael Kline said...

I wasn't sure if I was a potterazzi or a potsarrazi??? Thanks for clearing up the nomenclature. It was fun. Check this out if you haven't already, peace-out.