Friday, July 4, 2008

going up!!!!!!!

yet another day out in the smelly cat litter box! yhea the local cats have been using the sand as their personal toilet. i guess a permanant wooden door to keep them out would be well worth the time. yesterdays kiln demolition and begining of the rebuild really zapped me out, so luckily i had two able bodies assistants with me. the man in blue basically threw dirt all day and dug large holes, while his counterpart joe cool just sat there behind his shades with a blank look onhis face. really didint know what he was thinking about so i kept to myself. on a serious note i need to build thesupport arch and then do some castable to patch some holes and i will be ready to fire, except another hundred pots and wood, wadding oh god! technically i added a front buttress wall at the termination of the kiln walls, and a firebox that will accept grates and stillallow for some pots down in the coals. i wanted to rebuld the chimney and open up the exit flue a bit but may just blow that off and see how she rolls. well gotta get cleaned up for the fourth of july. take it greasy.

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Michael Kline said...

looks like that smilin guy is a good worker. I'd keep him a round for sure. Looks good. You work fast.