Sunday, July 20, 2008

beach blues

well back in bakersville, although i love this town, i have a bad case of the beach blues! i posted a pic of my family unit, thank god it was a big house as you can judge by the number of us in the photo. we had a great time and plan to go back in three years time to do it again. evan and i worked in the stuido today, i slipped pots and loaded the electric, evan made one of his signature scultpures. this one is called dynamite! It is inspired by the myth busters episode we watched while working where they created avalanches (with you guessed it, dynamite). busy times ahead for this salty dog, last full week of summer school, then loading linda's kiln late in the week, workshop in rock hill this weekend and all the little nuts and bolts i need to do to prep for philly buyers market which is in a little over a week. well no time to waste, gotta run. shane

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