Wednesday, August 6, 2008

back from philly

once again, it has been awhile since i posted, so here is the scoop. i had been working on a group of pots for a firing in my kiln which turned into a firing in linda mcfarlings salt kiln, also finished up the summer session at school, then drove up to philly for the buyers market show. the trip was fun and made a new friend in jason probstein, he makes wonderful glass ornaments and other stuff. anyway the buyers were thin at the show but i believe for my first show i faired very well. most folks were very open with their figures and how they were doing, seems it was a tough show for folks. i picked up some very nice galleries and am very pleased with the rosen group! they treat you very well and take great care of their artists. i meet some wonderful folks there also. now its time to make lots and lots of pots and get the kiln fired by months end! lots to do, i will try to post my progress. shane

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Anonymous said...

So when are you coming back, Shane?

Allison Muschel