Wednesday, August 27, 2008


hey peeps man over twenty days without a post, well most know i am covered up, swamped, overwhelmed,etc. I decided to move my firing back to early september, just couldnt get things going. i failed to figure in fall semester starting, evans school starting, plus lisa working, and a kiln i had to build, whew... so i got the kiln built and fired for loraine middleton, its a nice sized traditional downdraft salt. the might will back, or as he is known to me, willis, Junior, rump shaker, walllace and grommet, oh the list goes on, went down the last three days to help out. well back on the homefront we have been juggling lisa's schedule, evans scheule and i forgot how much prep goes into a lecture class, at least i am using power point which i think brings me closer to the computer ageness. So now that we have settled into schools, and what not i am focusing on making pots at a break neck pace. some picutres here of a huge gypsy moth nest, i threw my bucket of throwing water/slip on them take that! plus my work lists for the studio and some pots out of linda;s last fiiring. ok so probably see you in another twenty. shane

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