Tuesday, July 15, 2008

day four peeps

so just wanted to tell everyone that the dreaded day four has come and gone. i say that becuase that is when the freshness of all the cousins getting together has worn off and they have to actually deal with each other. so evan and nate went out with us to get provisions, fighting the whole time, came back, then they split evan stayed at the houses pool and nate and I and some others went to the beach and enjoyed the rough surf(we had a tornado warning like 50 miles south!). then after dinner lisa, holly(lil'sis) her husband stevie, nate, evan and I went out for dessert, well lets just say it went very rough! then on the way home we looked across the sound or bay whatever and were struck by the sunset! wow as we rolled slowly up to our road i snapped off a picture literally no settings just thought do it quick what teh hell, you judge the picture for yourself, i think its fucking amazing for a quick shot. anyway more tommorow. oh yhea we have all decided that MTV needs to do a reality show on our vacations, never a dull moment!

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potrron said...

A very good shot of the beach and sunset. Must be nice to laze around on the beach all day. Seems like Evan was having a great time. Give us more.