Wednesday, June 25, 2008

updates people

well for those who do check in from time to time, here is a update. i recently fired western piedmonts gas kiln with my students work, we unloaded today, and everyone was happy with there pots, good for me. been makin pots at night, but very slowly. i will drag my sorry ass out again tonight and actally take images of my latest pots. i moved onto gays rock work to combat the evil beaver population that is eroding her driveway, 10 tons of rocks to go peeps! wanna help? other than the usual i am knee deep in my search for the elusive 1991 geo metro convertable, well the convertable part is needed but would assure me spruce pine montessori schools car of the year since the evil klineanators awesome honda has finally passed on. seriously, the 1991 metro was rated at 43 mpg! and every year after that it got lower until it reached somewhere in the low thirties! and some believe the oil tycoons are not evil, HA! so if you know of anyone sitting on a nice 1991 five speed 1.o litre fire red convertable geo metro give them my info! well back to teh web to search

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bobo,
That is one of the things I like about you, your willingness to trade in your truck (manhood) for a little red Geo Metro convertible (reality).