Tuesday, June 17, 2008


well, i posted that the tour was bad on saturday, and it was even worse on sunday, i have never done that poorly on the tour! it left me in a lurch financially and i am back to the grind of early mornig work -teaching-after teaching work, and maybe i can even get into the studio! i have taken the etsy plunge and we will see how it goes. been asking for tips from other sellers, looks like i need alot of items up and alot of relisting to do! we are getting ready to fire the reduction kiln down at western piedmont community college, i am so excited! cant wait to see how it goes. Well gotta get out to the studio and handle some pitchers, trim some pilsners, and maybe throw some pots too. have fun out there. shane

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Meagan Chaney said...

Hey Shane! Sorry the tour went so poorly! Do you/will you have any pilsners on etsy? we still love the one we got from you at the good ol' ocala art festival!