Saturday, July 11, 2009

updates and such

so, i have to admit, that the exciting world of old friends on facebook has held my computer time attention lately, hence, no blogging. sorry to those ofyou who do look in on occasion! anyway, after school let out, evan and i took a trip up to maryland to see some friends and family. it was nice to take about a month off from the studio, my back is feeling better some days, and continuing to do excersices helps alot. the break is over and I am itching, needing to make pots. I am nearly out of pots and what is left is a mish mash of pottery. First things first is what u see in the pictures. I am currently working on cynthia bringles new cross draft salt kiln. Me and Eric destroyed the old kiln and after about four truckloads of old useless brick going to the dump, i had the slab clean and have started to build back the new kiln. I am hoping to wrap this job up soon and prepare for mike campbell's wood kiln construction in virginia the last week of this month. i will (as i always promise) try to get back into the blogosphere especially when i get back in the studio which will hopefully be soon! and inaugust i get to take my sweetie and her daugther to the beach for much needed R@R. then back to the classroom for the fall semester. I am doing five days a week, so if you think your commute is bad, wait to hear my stories this fall. be good out there folks.


Kyle Carpenter said...

nice kiln shane. it makes mine look like the flintstones' kiln.

Shane Mickey said...

thanks kyle, not bad for alot of used and old brick, or at least the outside layer is a mish mash of brick.

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Good to hear your back feels better some days. And the kiln you're working on looks good. I'm hoping to get started a kiln one day soon. Too much to do and too little time. But I'm probably the only one with that problem huh?