Sunday, July 26, 2009

have u seen this man!?

well, he is a wanted man, but only by a certain individual, if you see him, grab him and send him to counter agent aquamarine! seriously folks! anyway the kiln crew is here in virginia, busted out our first day saturday. i am out in the field gathering materials (i.e. ihop breakfast and wifi!) while my assistant is busily working, he he. you can see from the pics we had a good first day, followed by a thunderstorm of the likes i have never seen, crazy! well, gotta run before the crew gets suspicious! see u at ihop or chilis where i can get internet. D-shane


Dan Finnegan said...

Hello to you and Mike...ask him about the thunderstorms during my last firing!

Michael Kline said...

Looks like your crew is getting some work done! Too bad you missed my firing though.