Monday, October 19, 2009

another day in paradise?

so, where do i begin??? hmmmmm. Well almost a whole month has went by and what have i accomplished! nothing in the studio, barely got any pots made and that i do not like at all.i am severely starting to miss the rhythms of daily studio life, esp when i have no pots to sell. I am still trying to work up a batch of pots,just to share a kiln with Linda mcfarling. Other than my own studio, the studio at school is busy. And as with any school setting i have some students who try very hard and work hard and those who don't really give a shit. To be totally honest i find some of the students to be down right belligerent, and whiney. I have about had it with those students! so the pictures you see are of our recent progress on the salt kiln. Evan and his mom are away for the week at the beach so i am hoping to move my office from upstairs(to make room for a walk in closet!) to downstairs and spend alot of time drinking heavily and making lots of pots. if you need me look under my pottery wheel under the pile of empty pabst blue ribbon cans. that is all, captain is out!


Anonymous said...

I find this post to be a little whiney and beligerent.

Shane Mickey said...

dear anonymous,
it is hard to tell tone in a written piece, so i will inform you that the tone was one of outright outrage! I was screaming, not whining, beligerent? yes, whiney, no!
the author

Oy Clay !!! Pottery said...

Hey Shane. Missed this post by a few days. Hope you're all screamed out for now and sober, and back at the wheel, man. You're too good for such self-indulgent crap!!