Wednesday, September 12, 2007

jury duty

Spent the day in Asheville jurying for the four county arts councils grants. What a wonderful experience that is, unlike the jury duty you thought of when you saw the title! i did get called up for that once, actually forgot about it and called halfway Thur the day, lucky me, the case was dropped or something. so being involved in arts councils affairs is always rewarding to me. i spent over three years on the Mitchell/ Yancey county arts council board and in the end just felt overwhelmed by my schedule, so to be asked to be involved again was nice. I truly feel all artists should get involved with their local arts council even at the smallest level. i have had peers complain about various aspects of our local arts council, its easy to get involved and put your opinion out there, so you cant complain if you don't want to be part of the solution. good day, Evan,and Lisa are playing ball with nevi as dusk sets, cant miss anymore of it. Shane

Sunday, September 9, 2007

back from the mint

ok so here is the dealio, i know about finding a market, i have had this explained many ways, and recently have become interested in some of these arts business camps, I'd like to hear what they say about niche markets and other aspects of the art business world, that's another time and post. the folks that show up for the mint museums potters market are well educated about pots! they know good pottery when they see it and when they walk in that giant white tent all they see is good pottery or even great pottery! This show every year re enforces to me the importance of putting myself in front of the right crowds. the trick now is to find other venues, or ways to put myself in front of good people who like good pots at a good price. All i need to say is that this show always turns out to be good, everyone was smiling and wanted to talk while we took down our booths, that's the earmark of a good show, we were all happy! time to find more like this one. For me one of the highlights of the weekend was when i tried to buy one of Ben Owen's pots and he insisted on trading with me! the other one was when a lady was looking at one of my larger side fired pots and Nick Jeorling walked buy and whispered in her ear, "he is one of my favorite potters". If it were possible i would take the respect and acknowledgment of my peers over monetary rewards any day of the week, but that doesn't put food on the table now does it. Gotta unload the trailer, clean the house, try to stay away from the brown liquor for a while. bobo out

Thursday, September 6, 2007

comments now accepted

ok, so i received word that some folks could not post comments, i found the button and now non members of the blogoshpere can post comments, lets hear em shane, still prepin for the mint

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mint museum show in charlotte

Ok folks, now for the real deal, i talked in my last entry about a certain crappy show (yes, i'm still miffed!), but now i am packing up for one of my favorite shows i have done in the last two years, the mint museums potters market. it is an invitational show held at the randolph road mint museum (not the one downtown). they invite the biggest names in clay from north carolina and also some emerging potters as well. this is a one day show held this saturday sept. 8th from 10 am - 5pm, it is definitely a no miss event! I will be shackin up with my buddy michael kline from okra pottery, goin down early to set up, the two previous years i had drove down saturday morning and set up before the event started, which meant leaving around four am! not this time baby! doin it in style, hopefully by 8pm i will be sipping a double jack on the rocks by the hotel pool, waiting for the coming days' excitement, folks start lining up early and when the gate opens its at least 3 hours of pure crazyiness! Lee Love from japan left a comment on the last entry about shows in japan, his blog is really interesting and one of the ones that pushed my buttons to start my blog (the potters journal by ron philbeck was the other). i do believe that if your work is of a higher level of craft and not just run of the mill stuff, it helps emensily if your surrounded by great work. if your in the area of charlotte this weekend please check out this show. will report back to you after the show wish me luck!