Sunday, September 9, 2007

back from the mint

ok so here is the dealio, i know about finding a market, i have had this explained many ways, and recently have become interested in some of these arts business camps, I'd like to hear what they say about niche markets and other aspects of the art business world, that's another time and post. the folks that show up for the mint museums potters market are well educated about pots! they know good pottery when they see it and when they walk in that giant white tent all they see is good pottery or even great pottery! This show every year re enforces to me the importance of putting myself in front of the right crowds. the trick now is to find other venues, or ways to put myself in front of good people who like good pots at a good price. All i need to say is that this show always turns out to be good, everyone was smiling and wanted to talk while we took down our booths, that's the earmark of a good show, we were all happy! time to find more like this one. For me one of the highlights of the weekend was when i tried to buy one of Ben Owen's pots and he insisted on trading with me! the other one was when a lady was looking at one of my larger side fired pots and Nick Jeorling walked buy and whispered in her ear, "he is one of my favorite potters". If it were possible i would take the respect and acknowledgment of my peers over monetary rewards any day of the week, but that doesn't put food on the table now does it. Gotta unload the trailer, clean the house, try to stay away from the brown liquor for a while. bobo out

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