Sunday, July 29, 2007

evening time

Well, its before 7pm and the house has settled down a bit, evan is quietly playing, lisa is off to a study group (finals in am!). I realized after i set the page up that there are no pics of lisa and evan on it (working on that) and no pics of my pots, so here is a sample if i can get it to work. anyway, one of the topics i want to write about is the current culture of ceramics, academia vs craft world. its funny i remember defending pottery as art in grad school, now i look at the ceramic community in a different light and it seems that either your in the academic/ residency world or your out beating the pavement trying to make money off what you earned your degree in! over the last two years i have noticed a clear line between those who understand and are informed about the business end of being a potter and those who chase the rockstar world side of ceramics. there are those who do both but the majority are either on one side of the fence or the other. this idea is probably taboo, but it feels like the ceramics community is starting to feed in on itself and is less about reaching the general public. just some thoughts before i draw evans tub water and get him ready for bed. later folks

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