Tuesday, November 20, 2007

been awhile!

Wow, sometimes as i work in the studio, i notice that i dont get very far, recently the work has slowed to a crawl, i have started various surface treatments, and adornments that have made a 20min session of throwing and trimming 12 pilsner glasses into over an hour! Potters always say fall is their busy time, I have always agreed, what i didnt know was that if one does not be careful, the next thing you know you have not left enough time to make work. i am two weeks aways from loading the kiln, and have only made about one third the pots i need to make, nothing big has come off the wheel since my big pot session back in june, maybe subconscioulsy i am taking it easy? I have wanted to post about whats been going on in my life and kept telling myuself you need to post, then the devil on my shoulder says, hell no one reads it, stop wasting your time. I finally realized that this is more a diary for me as a way to clear some space upstairs, the head is busy and dizzy. Alot of this time away from the blog has been do to personal issues that i hesitate to write down. the rest has been to overbooking myself. October was a wonderful month, we held our second annual spruce pine potters market, this will grow to be one of those shows folks talk about and must attend. Also in octber it was evans birthday and this year we choose to have an actual party with his whole class, it was a blast. So on to pottery, right now i am teaching tuesday nights at the odyssey center in asheville, running a woodfire class, good group of students out there. we will load and fire in early december so it should be a cold one. i have much to think and do, so i must move back to the dusty studio, traditional NC pots are heavy on my mind, wanting to get down to catawba and connect with kim ellington. two kilns to build next year, and i want to redo my kiln situation. the gama is a large beast to manage and i need to rethink my production cycle, three firings a year is not healthy for me. so time will tell shane